Архіви рубрики ‘Головна’

ІІІ Міжвузівський податковий турнір (м.Київ)

На базі нашого університету 17 квітня 2015 року буде проводитись ІІІ Міжвузівський податковий турнір, тематикою якого є актуальні проблеми оподаткування. Турнір - це змагання студентів у формі рольової гри, що сприяє набуттю умінь та навичок розв'язувати складні проблеми з питань оподаткування та економіки, доповідати, формулювати твердження та захищати власну думку в наукових дискусіях .


Цього квітня наш університет проводить традиційну щорічну наукову студентську конференцію «Соціально-економічні перспективи України у ХХІ столітті». Клуб "Сучасні дискусії"  і наше Наукове товариство не можуть лишитися осторонь цієї масштабної події. Тому в рамках конференції ми оголошуємо нашу власну секцію: «ЕКОНОМІЧНІ РЕФОРМИ В УКРАЇНІ ОЧИМА КНЕУ»

Most of the patrons abandon the cold

Most of the patrons abandon the cold, windswept open viewing area on top for the glass enclosed seating on the main deck, as I consider abandoning my lunch over the side. All along the Pictured Rocks we're treated to a humorous, running commentary about the rock cliffs that have been eroded by eons of wind, […]

My boys make a mess when they paint

My boys make a mess when they paint. Sometimes, paint even gets on their nails. And sometimes brace yourself the paint is pink! I have seen very manly men wearing pink. William, a trekker from England, was exhausted when he and his team stumbled into the little town on November 1. After four weeks of […]

The less a collectible comes in contact with human hands

Springsteen, whose blue collar songs already were giving him a reputation for activism, sings and plays his guitar at New York's Madison Square Garden during a concert sponsored by Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE), Sept. 22, 1979. Proceeds from the benefit were to support development of energy sources other than nuclear power.. The less […]

The site terms required contributors to only add content they had a right to contribute

The site terms required contributors to only add content they had a right to contribute. Content over which a publisher, a photographer or broadcaster could exert rights could not be included. Images submitted to the site required a moderator's approval before they could be shown on the site. We have to be buddies. We have […]

After trading two first round selections

What Goodell said: "We simply cannot tolerate conduct that endangers others or reflects negatively on our game,'' and "I take responsibility both for the decision and for ensuring that our actions in the future properly reflect our values. I didn't get it right. Simply put, we have to do better. After trading two first round […]

It on that new technology stuff

It on that new technology stuff. Undone that the tablets they're just 200 mobile from any there just isn't enough consistency. And mount. This is getting ridiculous!! STOP having religious debates about me and my family on my comments thread after EVERY single photo I post when they have nothing to do with the picture! […]

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