9th annual Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts (Latvia, Riga)

 Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts 30th fo May - 1st June 2014.  Students of Turiba University invented progressive event for communication students and practitioners. This year we introduce the multicultural event, which bring new, young ideas into life. It is organized to help students from all over the world to become more skilled, help current and future communication practitioners become closer, rise friendship, share their thoughts and ideas, create unforgettable time for our participants and inspire them for further work.

  • Dates: 30th of May - 1st of June 2014
  • Price for participation: 40 EUR
  • You can apply by filling in this form

Our vision - We dare to create unforgettable event, where communication students and specialists from all over the world can be united to spend productive and excellent time together.

The full presentation of the event. Background.


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