З 9 по 11 квітня в Києві пройде перший український форум інноваційних технологій InnoTech Ukraine, який об'єднає 5 технологічних галузей, що розвиваються найактивніше: smart-технології, технології 3D-друку і сканування, робототехніку, а також інновації в сфері медицини та освіти. Читати далі »

Найбільша IT-конференція Східної Європи – iForum-2015

Найкрутіша конференція айтішників пройде 16 квітня в МВЦ. Щорічно iForum збирає тисячі інтернетчиків і бізнесменів з України та країн ближнього зарубіжжя. У 2015 році конференція для тих, хто вміє і хоче заробляти в Мережі, стане перемогою інтелекту, волі та ідей над війною і кризою. Читати далі »

ІІІ Міжвузівський податковий турнір (м.Київ)

На базі нашого університету 17 квітня 2015 року буде проводитись ІІІ Міжвузівський податковий турнір, тематикою якого є актуальні проблеми оподаткування. Турнір - це змагання студентів у формі рольової гри, що сприяє набуттю умінь та навичок розв'язувати складні проблеми з питань оподаткування та економіки, доповідати, формулювати твердження та захищати власну думку в наукових дискусіях . Читати далі »


Цього квітня наш університет проводить традиційну щорічну наукову студентську конференцію «Соціально-економічні перспективи України у ХХІ столітті». Клуб "Сучасні дискусії"  і наше Наукове товариство не можуть лишитися осторонь цієї масштабної події. Тому в рамках конференції ми оголошуємо нашу власну секцію:


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Most of the patrons abandon the cold

Most of the patrons abandon the cold, windswept open viewing area on top for the glass enclosed seating on the main deck, as I consider abandoning my lunch over the side. All along the Pictured Rocks we're treated to a humorous, running commentary about the rock cliffs that have been eroded by eons of wind, rain and freezing weather, and painted in shades of brown, tan and green by the runoff of the limonite, copper, iron and manganese. We sail past caves, arches and a rock called the Indian's Head.

A survey has found that "almost 65per cent of young job seekers are willing to forgo Sunday and public holiday penalty rates" (The Age, 29/3). However, this does not prove that they think it is a good idea. It just shows the unemployed are not only willing to work, they are desperate to get a job.

These are 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds that are doing it. Cheap nfl Jerseys
Noted the dwindling percentage of black players in the big leaguers. There were only 8.5 percent on opening day in 2011 there were twice as many in 1990 when the Richard Lapchick Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports at the University of Central Florida started tracking the number..

Exploded. Around 830 Sunday night tomb and found a backpack stuffed with wires and a pipe in a trash can near this major train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey just fifteen miles outside of New York City. This happened. Gradually build up to a faster pace and then on to a short jog. Your feet may be tender from always wearing shoes. You can condition your feet by jogging barefoot.

"We knew these things would be a hot item, and wanted to be involved financially," said Andy Roundtree, vice president of finance and administration for Disney Sports Enterprises. "You go in the parking lot, and there are all these guys with sticks. Some want them for themselves, but we have a problem with somebody who takes a stick like that and sells it for 500 bucks, www.cheap-nfl-jerseysus.comso you don't get anything for it and they're making money off you.".

New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate, at 8,8%.Health insurance rates among young adults are the third statistic released recently by the Census Bureau. The uninsured rate of young adults aged 19 to 25 actually increased to 71.8% in 2011, up from 68.3% in 2009. However, the rate for those age 26 to 29 declined from 71.1% in 2009 to 70.3% in 2011.

I am amazed at how kids today are so much more focused than I was. I have many good friends with children, their ages ranging anywhere from 4 to 12. Many of these kids participate in grueling sports regimens that involve traveling hundreds of miles away every other week end for some tournament or other.

My boys make a mess when they paint

My boys make a mess when they paint. Sometimes, paint even gets on their nails. And sometimes brace yourself the paint is pink! I have seen very manly men wearing pink. William, a trekker from England, was exhausted when he and his team stumbled into the little town on November 1. After four weeks of exhausting, high elevation trekking in the Khumbu, William was ready to fly back to Kathmandu and then home. He and his group checked into one of the dozens of basic, no heat lodges, thinking the next day the airport would surely open.

He was a normal kid, in jeans and T shirts. People didn't think that much about them being from Afghanistan. This is a melting pot.''. When later he published Macpherson's Tales of Barra, told by the Coddy in 1960,Cheap NFL Jerseys
he rationalised his approach to modern Celtic studies as "getting inside the tradition" and the need of the student (like himself) to learn, not the stilted language of the litterateurs and the grammarians, but a dialect of Gaelic, www.cheap-jerseys-sale.com
since "the dialects of the Outer Hebrides are more vigorous than the modern literary language, and contain many words and expressions that are not in the printed dictionaries". Over a period of about 30 years of perseverance and intense dedication, he amassed a sound recording archive of some 1,500 Gaelic songs and 350 folktales. Approximately one tenth of the recordings have been published, for example the 135 waulking songs in three volumes of Hebridean Folksongs edited as a collaborative effort with Francis Collinson from 1966 until 1981..

Red trace indicates the average of individual EPSCs (gray traces). Averaged peak EPSC amplitude from three responding cells is plotted to the right. (i) Experimental paradigm to record electrically evoked synaptic responses. This city from Texas has a population of 125,000 roughly, with an unemployment rate of 7.8%. A good thing about this city is that the real estate costs are very low, which makes it a suitable option for property investment. It is believed to be one cheapest place to live in the USA..

This is one "America s finest school system". This is the third largest school district in California. This district has been very successful. Although not the initial catalyst, the Boston Tea Party was the climax movement in the protest of the native Americans against the British rule. It triggered off the American Revolutionary War. This was one of the first major wars in history to overthrow a tyrannical rule of the monarchy.

Everything we dislike is commanded by God or someone on earth." Only with her sister Margaret's complicity was she able to get over her "infantile fear of punishment" in order to have fun. With proceeds going to hunger relief charities, the New York City Wine Food Festival (October 16 19) brings together the best of the Big Apple and celebrity chefs from around the world. Gregory Marchand, Christopher Kostow, Andy Ricker, Dominique Ansel, Tom Colicchio, and Mario Batali will all be making an appearance at this year's festival, and chef demonstrations will include everything from vegan and raw dinners to butchering lessons. Admission doesn't come cheap at these events, but the world class talent and noble cause make the price well worth it.

The less a collectible comes in contact with human hands

Springsteen, whose blue collar songs already were giving him a reputation for activism, sings and plays his guitar at New York's Madison Square Garden during a concert sponsored by Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE), Sept. 22, 1979. Proceeds from the benefit were to support development of energy sources other than nuclear power..

The less a collectible comes in contact with human hands, the better. No matter how pretty or decorative, never leave valuable collectibles out in the open. Unless your fingerprints are collectible nothing at all should mar your items.. ResultsPseudomyrmex gracilis genome assemblyThe most closely related species for which genomic resources exist are separated from Pseudomyrmex by 100 million years16. Therefore, we developed a novel reference by de novo sequencing the genome of a single haploid male of the widespread generalist P. Gracilis.

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it really depends on what type of running you plan to undertake in the cooler months. For those beginning their marathon training for spring, you can find leggings which compress muscles to help speed recovery and reduce the risk of injury; for urban jogging there are leggings which have space for your keys and keep you visible on dark winter nights. And for trail runners, there are leggings to keep you dry and warm on long and frosty outdoor routes.

HAMPTON, New Hampshire Donald Trump took his brash brand of conservatism to this summer beach town on Friday night, it wasn't your typical New Hampshire political event. It felt a lot more like a rock concert complete with passion, cheers, and adoring fans. When Trump took the stage, he met boisterous applause, hoots and hollers, and a crowd clamoring to their feet to give him standing ovations as he blasted "political correctness.".

With incessant calls from creditors. Kevin Meyer has stopped picking up because he's sick of explaining the truth: that there's no money coming in, so he can't pay his bills. Two years ago, Meyer, 51, had a six figure salary, www.nflchinajerseyscheap.com
a sizable 401(k) and the knowledge that he could support his wife and daughter.

However, the Touch Bar supports Apple's VoiceOver, Zoom and Switch Control features for Accessibility.Having the Touch ID sensor on the MacBook Pros means you don't need iPhones and Watches as companion devices with the laptops for biometrics.VoiceOver gestures from Apple's iOS have been carried over to macOS for navigation and to control the info displayed on the TouchBar. One thing that would make the Touch Bar better is if it had the Force Touch haptic buzzes, to give tactile feedback on what you're doing.That's engineering challenge, and we'll see if Apple can do it. Either way, the Touch Bar, and large Force Touch trackpads means you're doing touch computing without leaving finger marks on the screen, and covering up what's on the display.Finally, Apple has added biometric authentication, a fancy way of saying "fingerprint sensors" on its laptops.

The site terms required contributors to only add content they had a right to contribute

The site terms required contributors to only add content they had a right to contribute. Content over which a publisher, a photographer or broadcaster could exert rights could not be included. Images submitted to the site required a moderator's approval before they could be shown on the site.

We have to be buddies. We have to be roommates. We have to do this together," she said. Older skiers have older eyes. According to Dr. Jeff Pettey, Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Utah's John A. Lot of people used to talk about Vince, said Brown, an incredibly talented point guard for Brampton Campion Bears who is only 14 years old. My birthday, I used to get a lot of Vince Carter jerseys, T shirts. I have a big frame in my room of Vince.

"It's an interesting study of love, violence and betrayal," he said. "It evolves around three main characters and each one of the people in the triangle falls in love with another individual in the triangle for a different reason. How that love manifests and the power struggle it creates the power and powerlessness felt by the different characters,Oakleys Outlet
how it all resolves and how the triangle tears itself apart, essentially, is what it's all about.".

He become accustomed to the star treatment as he flies from city to city, meeting his adoring fans. An adorable video shows Oakley the Celebrity Dachshund dressed in his hunting gear, brandishing a toy shotgun as he aims and fires at the sky. The footage goes onto show a duck dropping from the air, apparently after being struck by Oakley before he goes over and lifts it into his mouth..

Event proceeds benefit WFYI Public Media's programs and lifelong learning services.www.oakleysunglassess.com
Treat yourself to three course, value priced meals at places such as Late Harvest Kitchen, The North End Barbecue Moonshine, Oakley's Bistro, Georgia Reese's, Harry Izzy's, Pizzology and Cobblestone Grill. Menus cost $30 per person or $30 for two people.

Ccile Galland, artiste et enseignante Le serment d'Hippocrate de Louis Calaferte Hommage Rmy Dumoncel 15 mars 11h30 Mois de la photo 2017 Le boulevard Raspail : sa gense et son. "Quai des Brumes" au Cin Quartier. Agenda de Saint Pierre de Montrouge du 12 au 19.

It didn't set out to do so with the fixturing, it didn't set out to do so with the finals draw and ground allocation. But that is precisely what has happened. If Collingwood win on Saturday, they will prove they are best but there will be a heap of accusations about their "friendly ride".

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